The reasons for pessimism, cynicism, and their attendant apathy are endless. Even when you ignore your newsfeed, you know there’s a torrent of horrendous notifications awaiting your return. It takes considerable fortitude to celebrate anything these days but, as its title suggests, Toronto producer Elaquent’s Celebrate Life! EP is an exuberant reminder of the simple beauty of existence. A departure from the muted, often-soulful suites on 2016’s critically-acclaimed Worst Case Scenario, Celebrate Life! glows from beginning to end. Bolstered by knocking percussion, the titular opener rides a shimmering synth groove that nods to L.A. funk-resurrector Dâm-Funk. On the Dibiase-assisted “Something Classic,” rollicking piano keys glint next to crisp snares. The six-track project ends with “São Paulo,” which weds samba rhythms, synth chords, and strings of laser-like blips. Like the rest of the tape, it’s an excellent and inventive fusion of seemingly disparate sounds. It is, indeed, something to celebrate. 

Celebrate Life! EP out now